Farm Updates

March 7, 2011
Time for CSA! We are officially opening 100 debit style shares for pick up at our home farm at a flat rate of $500 each. We will keep a running open tab for you so that you may shop for what you need, including seeds and starts from our greenhouse.
For more information please contact us at 303.485.7818 or email at info@eatabbo.org
January 31, 2011
Another, and even deeper freeze! This one seems to be a little disorientating as the weather of the last week has brought out the bees and taken the chickens to pasture scratching for the years first green signs. Just maybe, this one will bring balance to some of the bugs who were also beginning to percolate in their nests! The Lasater order was a great success and will be delivered on the 3rd of Feb. If you missed this order, please send a note of interest and I'll be sure to put you on a 'waiting list'. As soon as we have another 10 sampler orders plus any add on accumulated, I will place another order :)
January 13, 2011
We survived the deep freeze! Even our chickens are laying well again. Contact us if you'd like to get eggs. Also, we are officially opening ourselves up to inquiry about volunteer opportunities and also internships. Please contact the farm at info@eatabbo.org with questions or to send a resume. We have not released any CSA details for 2011 as of yet, we will have info out by month's end. We also are planning another Lasater beef order no later than mid-February. We need a minimum of 10 sampler packs ordered so sign up now! You need not be a CSA member to participate. Prices are as follows:

Lasater Prices:
Samplers: $200
Ground: 25lb case/1lb packages $125
Briskets: $25 each approx. 3-3.5 lbs
Beef soup bones: $3/lb (minimum 10lbs-this is about 6-8 packages)
Liver: $2.75/lb
Filet Mignon: $26 (4-8oz steaks) this is a steal!!!
Stew Meat: $5.50/lb
Tenderloin Tips: $9/lb (approx 1.5 lb pkgs)

Dream Share!

Its never too late to join Dream Share!
This three-year program assists in bringing permanence to local farming while adding more local food stuffs to your refrigerator. Dream Shares may also include seeds and plant starts as well as consultation in case you are an aspiring gardener as well as a local farm supporter. With just 50 Dream Share members added each year, at the low cost of $3300.00, we will perennialize our dream and add to the long-term sustainability of our planet and her resources. We are striving for 60 new members in 2010. Abbondanza has made the leap, all we need is for our community to step up and support. Gift shares are an option as well and go directly to supporting the food insecure community through CSA membership thus building a bridge to food sovereignty in Boulder County.


Community Supported Agriculture is a partnership between a farm and a community of people who desire a connection to high quality and consciously grown

2009 Abbo Menu

Do note that this is not a guarantee, Mother Nature may play tricks at any time. Our CSA members always get priority of harvest.

Gift Share

A Gift Share is a Veggie or Keeper Share that you buy for someone you know, or ask Abbo to locate those in need.

Did you know?

Only about 10% of the fossil fuel energy used in the world's food system is used in production; the other 90% goes into packaging, transportation, and marketing.


"We stand, in most places on earth, only six inches from desolation, for that is the thickness of the topsoil layer upon which the entire life of the planet depends."
~R. Neil Sampson

Seed of the Week

Abbo's Seed of the Week: Peas. Ask about our amazing fresh selection for 2011!

Windsor Dairy

Windsor Dairy, Windsor, Colorado

If you are interested in a raw milk share please contact Windsor Dairy at (970) 674-0571 or click here.

We are strongly considering hosting a Windsor dairy drop at our home farm. We would be able to serve Niwot and Prospect communities as well as South Longmont. If this is interesting to you, please be sure to contact the dairy and express interest

Save the Date

Thursday Feb 3- Lasater Beef
Pick up for the January 2011 order is Feb 3, 2011 from 4-6pm.

Saturday Feb. 5- Dream Share Mingle
Dream Share members please join us for a soup luck and sharing from 2:30 - 5 and linger longer. RSVP

Friday February 18- Dirt- The Movie
Join in the studio at 7pm
The next movie date is 3/17.

Sunday Feb 27- Book Club 2011
The first of our five titles from February thru October is "Radical Homemakers; Reclaiming Domesticity from a Consumer Culture." by Shannon Hayes. Contact me if you would like to join us and I'll send you the book. Cover price is $23.95, I have to charge tax, but I will send it to you for free.
We will meet February 27 from 4 - 5:30 to discuss.

Vanishing of the Bees
What an amazing success, what a wonderful film. We will reshow this! Please contact me if you are interested - and we'll set a date!

April 2 - Boulder Farmers Market Begins!
8am - 2pm

CSA 2010 is closed

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      • Here's a sample box from October!
      • Celery
      • Celeriac
      • Onions
      • Carrots
      • Beets
      • Cabbage
      • Winter Squash
      • Black Beans
    CSA 2011 is not yet open

    Where We Are

    Spring is Coming!
    Thursdays are open for visitation. We are packing seed orders and chatting it up with friends and family. In addition to eggs and seeds, there are also dry beans and some root stocks floating around and available. The home farm is located at 10145 Oxford Rd. We hope to see you soon!



      Boulder Farmers Market re-opens Saturdays on April 2 from 8-2 and Wednesdays on May 4 from 4-8

      This year we will also have seeds at the Longmont Farmer's Market for the first 6 markets.

    Weather at the Farm

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