Took a really beautiful selfie that needs filters? Or that old photo which needs to get posted somewhere? All the desperate pleas are answered in the name of Instagram. The ultimate solution to all the social problems of people, Instagram is an application founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Kreiger on October 6, 2010.

It is both mobile and computer based, available on both the iOS and android software. Its popularity has been boosting up ever since making it one of the most widely used social media network. Approximately, there are 700 million people using Instagram in current year, 2017. It has gained massive fame since its establishing and it has been increasing to this date.

Is Instagram the new sensation?

Instagram works by letting its followers to upload pictures and videos on it. Followers may upload their pictures\videos publicly to be available for everyone to see or they can send it directly to someone. There are various effects and filters on Instagram that edits the pictures and videos which is the distinctive, particular and its own signature feature. Instagram is crazily successful due to huge number of followers who post multiple pictures and videos daily. Numerous brands have Instagram accounts for boosting up their sum of customers. Common followers use Instagram for various reasons, making it notable worldwide. Some of the most captivating attractions Instagram offers are:

  • Amazing filters: the very own introduced feature of Instagram has itself done the deed of gaining followers. The great amount of options to choose from the filters and the effect they leave on pictures and videos makes it one of the most universally operated applications.
  • Photography: people who are amateur but remarkable photographers utilize Instagram to their own benefit by making their accounts and uploading the specimens. This has gained them popularity in no time and has given them an opportunity to fulfill their passion.
  • Big names: almost every celebrity and famous socialite is on Instagram for their promotion. The mere existence of such people is great attraction for their fans to follow and drool over them on Instagram.
  • New trend: not having an Instagram account is as bad as missing the party at the cheer leader’s house. Even introverts are now available on Instagram to tone down their social anxiety and ease a bit. You can also buy Instagram followers cheap $1 also! It is simply the new, hottest trend which has to be achieved. It’s important! Everyone must try!
  • Search away the worries: Instagram allows the followers to search pictures\videos using either name of the person that may have uploaded it, the name of the page or the hash tag which must have been included in the picture’s description. It is now the new Google, except that it offers only pictorial data but with equal or exceptional quality.

The insane attention and the success Instagram has acquired ever since its existence is absolutely justified. Its glory is the evidence of its accomplishment among the new social media family expanding to cater the needs and interests of people.