People who love to travel like Ibn Battuta also has a habit of writing travel journal. It is like a memory which remains with your whole life. Writing it is fun to many people. They keep it with them whole life.

Consider the following steps to make your journal worth reading.

Travel Journal:

To write a travel journal, you will need a good journal with hard binding. The book which can easily open flat on the table. Journal like this is easy to write. The size of the travel journal should be normal so that you can put in your bag while traveling. Choose the good quality paper journal, so your writing remains on it for a long time. Lightweight journals are the best so you can hold in your hand when needed.

Material to write:

When purchasing the journal also buy colored pens with it and also the highlighters. Purchase the pens that are comfortable in writings. Colored pens are mostly used in sketching. You can sketch different sights and material that you want to put in your journal.

Use good gel pens, they have so many different colors. And when a painting doesn’t use watercolors they can be a mess.

Date and time:

While traveling adds all the entries at the moment with the date. It will help you to remember the moment when it occurs. When you are in a hurry, You can write on the paper all details and copy it to the journal when having time. Doing this is necessary because you can forget the details after some time. The best time to copy in travel journal is when traveling on the train or plan.

your audience:

The main and important step when writing a journal is for whom you are writing, for yourself or for someone other. A travel journal is the interesting experience of your life, you can show to your friends and family if they want to go the same place for the trip.

Knowing the right audience will help you to write in right style. Writing for other people than small details are not necessary. There is need to write about the address or dish name of the restaurant you enjoyed. Be careful when writing for others don’t write you personal detail, Because every one will read it.

Theme topic:

When writing it, you can also add the theme and than the details. It will easy to read and enjoy the every moment written.


Engage all your sense when writing. You can write the view of the mountain, the fragrance of flower and taste of different dishes.

In your travel journal you can also describe all the people you meet in traveling or when wondering the streets. In this way, you can remember them and the gossips you do with them.

Remember to take photos of every moment over there and paste it in your travel journal. These are the memories that will be with you for a lifetime.

Follow these steps and make your travel journal. It will be worth reading.