renewable energy

These days the concept of renewable energy is becoming very popular. People are opting for this type of an energy resource both at the individual as well as the national level. Businesses all across the world are also being encouraged to implement renewable energy projects for their power generation requirements. There are immense benefits of using this kind of energy type. Let us first have a look are what renewable energy actually is.

Renewable Energy:

Energy generated from resources that occur naturally in the world is known as renewable energy. These forms of resources are replenished by a natural process and do not deplete over time. Studies and researches have proven that this form of energy is much more cheaper, stable, long lasting and efficient as compared with non-renewable energy resources. This form of energy is generated through natural processes like tidal waves, wind blowing naturally, sunlight from the sun, geothermal heat sources and even bio-generative masses. Best advantage of using these energy resources is that the danger of getting them exhausting is minimum and they keep on growing back on their own.

Different types of Renewable energy:

Renewable energy can be classified into various forms and types. This classification is done on the basis of the resource or natural process that is used to generate this type of energy. A brief description of the various forms of renewable energy is given below:

  • Solar Energy:

The most common and widely utilized form of renewable energy is solar energy. It comes from the light emitted from the sun. It is easily available in all parts of the world and danger of exhausting this resource is least. Solar energy can be utilized either directly for heating and lighting purposes or it can be indirectly used for electricity generation. It can be implemented both industrially and residentially.

  • Wind Energy:

Wind is another very commonly occurring natural resource in the world. The energy generated from the blowing wind can also be utilized directing for running mechanical machines or indirectly for conversion into electricity through large wind turbines. It is a cheap energy resource and can be used for small scale projects around the world.

  • Biomass Energy:

Like other naturally occurring processes, bio generation is also a natural phenomenon that causes the plants and animal remains to decay over time. This process can also be utilized in a scientific manner to generate electricity and use it to power our various energy requirements. Energy generated from this process is called biomass energy.

  • Geothermal Energy:

Coming from inside the earth itself, various sources of energy and heat are buried inside. These can be used by mankind to channel energy for their various daily requirements and activities. Such form of renewable energy is called geothermal energy.

  • Hydropower Energy:

Energy that is generating from flowing water and tidal activity is called hydropower energy. It is captured through various technical means and measures and converted in electricity thorough turbines and power houses. Like all other resources, it is a cheap and non-depleting source of power. However such energy resources are dependent on seasonal variations.