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The Arab world has changed so much. The education in the Arab world is improved as compared to last some years, but still, some efforts are needed to make it perfect. The government and every member of Arab states are trying their best to well equipped the educational institutes, for better education. They want to give high-quality education so the student in future can compete with this globed world. Education in Arab world has played a vital role in the there economy. They are giving importance because they know that educated and skilled labor is best and beneficial for them. The Arab world is making many efforts to increase the rate of educated people and giving them a quality system.

The financial times report on education in the Arab world:

A financial report on the Saudi Arabia education system:

According to financial times report, the Saudi government is spending half of its budget on education. Although all many people think that rote learning and infinite religious schooling has made the person lacked in many things such as critical thinking and the technical skills that are important for the productive private sector.

The minister of education of Saudi Arabia, say’s that the private sector will play a critical role in the transformation of education. The reform program started in private sector that will give quality education to the students in private sector and want to increase the number of privately educated students.

Mr.Eltayeb says that this privatization climate is a magic economic challenges wand, now there will or private sectors operating. It will be very interested to see how they operated and managed the all the requirements, how much they extent in curriculum, teaching methods and teachers diploma

King Abdullah spent billion on the education. He builds many universities and starts funded programs to send Saudi’s abroad for studies.

The government of Saudi is reforming the schools at home. They said that early education in Arab world is their priority, they want there students to get a high-quality education where ever they are.

Their vision of 2030 according to financial report is that they want to meet the requirement of the market, by giving quality education, determining which skill is most important and used. Their prime objective is the vocational training.

In their plan, they have special training for teachers, they want to change traditional teaching method. They are focusing on classroom and way of teaching in it.

The financial time’s report on reforms in learning enables the democracy:

To understand the Arab world affairs, one has to look at the religious education, and how they emerged. It has been seen that the there is no good quality education in the Arab world. Narrow minded and are ill-equipped to compete in the global world.

Leaders of Iraq, Libya, and Algeria set up a good education system. Patriotism was constructed on national identity and share the history of Arab Muslims. All this happened was due to the assurance of education.