Lavender essential oil has a sweet, and fresh blooming odor that is comforting and calming. As Lavender Oil is the most adaptable and best of all the other essential oils, it should be present in every home. It is extracted from the herbs and its sweet smell adds to the value of this essential oil. It is highly recommended to be applied before one goes to sleep.

Why to use?

This essential oil has stabilizing characteristics that make Lavender essential oil as good and advantageous for improving the stamina, strength and energy. Generally lavender is greatly recommended for beauty and the skin. Also it has a calming effect on the body. People by using Lavender essential oils can get many benefits as works for beauty purposes, hair fall, also deals with the most of health issues and complications. Hence, everyone should use this beneficial essential oil.

Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

There are a lot of benefits of Lavender essential oils, most crucial are the the health benefits as this essential  oil has the strong ability to abolish the nervous tension, and further eases the pain, cleans the skin and also cleanse the scalp on head. It also enhances or increase the circulation of blood in the body and treats many complexities related to respiratory system.Alongwith the respiratory benefits it has many benefits related to neurology. As it has a great ability to deal with depression and changes the mood by giving a person a feeling of relaxation. According to most of the research work done on Lavender essential oil, it can also be used as a natural cure for the neurological disease like Alzheimer’s disease!

Highly recommended for skin

Also people having any skin complications or issues must apply Lavender Essential oil on their skin as it is confirmed by the Dermatologists that it is very beneficial for skin. This essential oil listed among the most advantageous oils for the cure of acne that is a very rough, annoying and awkward case that mainly upsets the young people when they move through the maturity, but it can also annoy the mature persons. Lavender essential oil curbs the bacteria which are the root source to the primary infection, it also aids to control few of the over-defecation of sebum by hormonal control.

Cure For Cancer

Lavender essential oil is also used as a natural cure or treatment to cure cancer. If a person stroke or massage the backside of his neck and also the chest region, including the wrists with Lavender Essential oil, it will activate or cause a calming and appeasing effects. If a person is suffering from any muscle pain or a pain in joints, or ache at the place of injections, then he must apply a few drops of lavender on the affected part.

Furthermore, in order to alleviate stress, depression and anxiety, and also to boost sleep, one must apply lavender or can also breathe it from the packing directly. Applying lavender or its usage can be specifically useful before certain treatments like chemotherapy and before many surgical process. Thus it should be used as much it can because it has no side effects.